Laat een kind in Nepal ook mee denken

Wij vinden dat iedereen het verdient om te kunnen leren. Daarom draag je bij elke aanmelding bij aan het naar school laten gaan van een kind in Nepal. Voor elke inschrijving storten wij een bedrag aan Volunteer Society Nepal. Op deze pagina delen we met veel plezier de voortgang van de kinderen (Babina, links, en Aashmi, rechts) die wij dankzij jouw steun naar school kunnen laten gaan.

Name: Aashmi
School: Career Building International
Class: L.K.G

Aashmi is studying in Lower Kindergarten (LKG) at CBIA. Her father is
a plumber whose financial condition is very bad and they are not capable to afford the basic needs and expenses of the family. This program helps her to get an education without any difficulties.

Name: Babina (Girl)
School: Career Building International Academy
Class: 1

Babina and her family are originally from the east of Nepal called Ramechhap which is far from Kathmandu. Their guardian is a driver. He has been driving the van for many years and their financial condition is very poor. They are not able to afford all the expenses of their children and family. 

Update September 2021

Both Babina and Ashmi have been enjoying their classes. Babina has been taking online classes help of her older brother Madan and father from their room. Ashmi parents are busy with their work so she cannot attend online classes lack of devices and parents availability. Therefore, we have been managed tuition classes for her at CBIA school. It is great to let you they are having classes in these circumstances. Both children and parents are very thankful for your help and support to receive an education.

Update oktober 2021

CBIA school has finished their second terminal physically appearance at school by maintaining social distance. Both Ashmi and Babina have successfully completed their second terminal examination at school. Now the school is closed for two weeks and they have a festival vacation. So both girls will enjoy their vacation with their family. Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepali where people meet with their relatives and get blessings from parents and seniors.

Update november 2021

The school has been distributed the report cards of their physical examination held a month ago. Both Babina and Ashmi have done their examination very well and they are very happy with the results. The school has been resumed physically and all the children are having their classes in the school by following the WHO and government health protocol. VSN is very happy to share this memory with you and your team. Both Babina and Ashmi parents are very much thankful for your support and help.