Sustainability in various areas

Sharing knowledge, enhancing our profession and bringing people together: we do it all as sustainably as possible. We strive to give these subjects as much attention as we possibly can. As a company, we are constantly on the lookout for new projects and initiatives that suit us and fit with this ambition. On this page we like to lead you through our developments within the field of sustainability. With your registration you will not only contribute to your own learning process, but also that of children in Nepal and to a cleaner planet. If you have any ideas  or questions about our sustainability policy, don’t hesitate to send us a message!

Give a child in Nepal the opportunity to learn as well

Everyone deserves to learn. For that reason, with every course you purchase with us, you support education for a Nepali child. With every registration we receive, a certain amount of money is donated to Volunteer Society Nepal. One euro will be donated to this organization when registering for a webinar, €2,50 for a single-day training and five euros for a multi-day training, respectively. We have started doing so from March 2021 onwards. Have you booked a training session with us since? Thank you for your contribution! Additionally, you can choose to transfer an extra amount to this particular project when booking a training session.

On this moment we are supporting two children to go to school, Ashmi and Babina. This costs 500 euros per year per child, to pay for expenses such as tuition, a uniform, books, pens and all other learning necessities. 

Read more about this project and updates of the two children we support!

What else do we do?

Sharing knowledge and continuing to encourage learning. We do so by learning together with colleagues through our customized training sessions. Moreover, after following a training session, our online platform offers many new possibilities. In the near future, this will be further developed to make learning even more fun and sustainable!

How to use as little paper as possible during our training sessions? We make use of the online world! Surely, this does not mean that we only offer webinars and E-learning. We share the handouts of the training sessions digitally as much as possible, so you likely keep them longer and less paper is used! We also ask you to separate your waste while at our location.

We ask our speakers to come to Nijmegen by train, and the plane is only used as a last resort, if no other options are available. If a speaker has to travel by plane, we compensate for the CO2 emissions by planting trees. We also encourage speakers to visit us as part of their other visits to Europe. In addition, we also ask you to carpool to the training if possible!