Our experts

In physical therapy, there is no such thing as one truth. To continue learning is a challenge. In order to perform well, we explore beyond the beaten path. We study the latest discoveries worldwide and question contemporary approaches. Together with our experts we try to create unique, innovative and high quality courses (online and offline). Every speaker has their own vision, (evidence based) knowledge and specialism. We would like to welcome you to one of experts!

Nick van der Horst
Bas van Hooren
Jo Nijs
Sophie van de put
Lizzy van der Kooij
Nanette Egberts
Davy Lambrechts
Gerrit Hens
Simone Gouw
Paul van Wilgen
Erik Witvrouw
Nicky van Melick
Joeri Calsius
Thomas Hoogeboom
Robert-Jan de Vos
Edwin Visser
Kiki Coppelmans
Dorien Slegers
Ine Schops
Jolien Slegers
Annelies Maenhout
Laura Hoogers
Amarins Wijma-Wester
Pim van Beusekom
Leon van der Toorn
Nick van der Kaay
Guido van der Wetering
Chi Lueng Chiu