Where physical therapists learn together.

By forming a collective with thousands of colleagues, we discover more, learning enjoyment is higher, and the challenges we face in practice are solved faster and better. Join the community of Denkfysio, where innovation is paramount. We aim to connect energetic and driven professionals to advance and change care in their own way. Our passionate team offers an attractive and distinctive program which places your development at the very heart in order for you to grow into a unique professional.


Innovative passionate thinking: Since we learn together and combine our (brain) power, we have adopted a future-oriented and innovative approach to step out of our comfort zone.

Unique approach to care

Unconventional care: Through connecting energetic and driven professionals, we improve and change care using our own unique approach.

Distinctive program

Unique courseprogram: Our passionate team offers an attractive and distinctive program, which empowers us to contribute to your development as a unique professional.

Your profession is your hobby: which means, life-long learning

In physical therapy, there is no such thing as one truth. To continue learning is a challenge. In order to perform well, we explore beyond the beaten path. We study the latest discoveries worldwide and question contemporary approaches.

That's how you and I keep each other on our toes and how we collectively invest in the future of our profession both online (through articles, webinars and professional discussions) and offline (through events, education and training).


Bart Roelofs

Bart Roelofs

Bart Roelofs: Founder, sports physiotherapist, entrepreneur and always looking for new developments & challenges in healthcare! Working with my team at Denkfysio to create an inspiring training program feels like a party :-). With this training program we try to "reframe" healthcare in our own way. Reframing means continuing to be critical of the care we offer and adjusting and/or changing it whenever necessary to optimize care. A great example of this is giving patients/clients more self-direction, giving them ownership over their own rehabilitation track  and a better understanding of what they are doing and why. Another example is to focus more on health & prevention in our profession, in order for patients/clients to better assess the use of these two pillars to stay fit and healthy in the future. After all, that's the goal that initiated Denkfysio’s creation. To make a positive impact on the care of our patients/clients! Feel like bouncing some ideas off each other? Send me an email! bart@denkfysio.nl

Anne Booms

Anne Booms

Babette Biemans

Babette Biemans

Babette Biemans: Mountains, people, cycling, running and food are all part of my weekly routine. After 3,5 years of practical experience as a physiotherapist in a primary care practice, I am currently pursuing the master’s degree Human Movement Sciences which I am doing part-time at the University of Maastricht. When I'm not studying, I like to put all my enthusiasm into developing new ideas that either fail or succeed from time to time. I largely fulfill the latter aspect at Denkfysio and I love it.

At Denkfysio I am mainly responsible for participant contact, which means that every now and then you may receive one of my emails! In addition, I arrange the delicious lunch that you get served during the training, I make sure the speaker has a pleasant overnight stay in Nijmegen and on top of that I do accreditation requests. When I am less occupied arranging things concerning the courses, I keep myself busy with the projects 'tailor made training courses' (check it out!) and 'health'. The latter project is currently not much on the foreground, but I assure you, behind the scenes we are working on it! Think of: prevention, lifestyle, positive health, district and patient-oriented work. Do you have any inspiration for me!? Send me an email: babette@denkfysio.nl.

Youri Derksen

Youri Derksen

Youri Derksen (intern): I have been working at Denkfysio as the new intern since a few weeks ago. This is part of my full-time Communication studies at the HAN in Nijmegen. During my studies I learn all about organizing events, writing press releases, thinking up plans and making a website. I will perform these activities at Denkfysio as well.

I have been playing soccer for 20 years with R.K.H.V.V. in Huissen but also enjoy sports such as running and swimming. I am confident that I can show my creativity at this young company and my goal is to mean heaps for Denkfysio. In a Tuesday challenge I will introduce myself further, so stay tuned for that! Curious about me or any other questions? Feel free to send me a message at youri@denkfysio.nl


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