Frequently Asked Questions


Pay with KMO wallet

Choose 'pay via invoice' when registering. You will receive an invoice in your email, which you can submit to the KMO. During your submission to the KMO you enter this invoice and pay your share.

Receive invoice

While making your order you can click the button 'pay by invoice'. If you choose this option, you will receive an invoice in your email.

Payment with iDeal

To make our site work as well as possible, we work together with Arlo. This English company makes sure our administration is in order, but unfortunately it can't connect with iDeal as this is a Dutch initiative which doesn’t work with foreign companies.

Courses and accreditation

Accreditation point

We submit the accreditation points to the various registries within two weeks of the training. Generally, you don't have to do much for this. Although, we can only do this for you if we have your complete and correct data. During the course we always check these, that is also the moment to indicate (possibly again) for which register you want the points to be awarded. See also our page on accreditation.

Proof of participation

Yes, after attending the training you will always receive an evaluation form and a certificate of participation in your email (note: it may end up in your spam).

Slides and handouts

We always ask the speaker if we can share the course content with participants. In consultation with the speaker, we therefore send all or part of the course content to you. This is usually done before the course starts, but will occasionally be during or after the course.


Most of our courses are held at our own location, Nieuwe Marktstraat 54D. There is plenty of space for a theoretical and practical part. Some training sessions require a different kind of space, in which case we will find a suitable location.

In addition, increasingly more training sessions are being held in Belgium (Herentals). The courses take place in Q-Bic. The location where you are expected can always be found on the site page of the training and in the information email you receive. Full information about the locations can be found here.

Looking for a specific course

Everything we offer will be online as soon as possible. Some courses recur, others are a one-off. So, keep an eye on our website if you are hoping for a specific course, you will find our current selection there. For any questions about the content of a specific course or our planning, feel free to send us an email. The same goes for suggestions on courses. Please let us know!

Canceling a course

Naturally, we hope that all who register for a course will be present during the entire program. Of course, unforeseen circumstances might prevent that from happening. In such a case, please report this to us as soon as possible. You can cancel up to eight days before the course. The course fee will then be refunded, minus a 10% fee for administration costs. Planning to withdraw less than 8 days before the start of the course? Unfortunately, then there will be no refund. For all our conditions see this page.

To the main location

The location is easily accessible both by car and by public transport. The train station is a 5 minute walk from our location. Walking is good for your health!

P2 Oude Stad is the closest parking lot (a 3 minutes walk), there is generally plenty of space to park your car and you pay €7.50 for a day pass (or €2.40 per hour).


E-learning platform

E-learning platform: It is possible to buy interesting E-learning modules via our website. However, you will follow the E-learning via a different platform. After you have purchased the E-learning, you will receive a confirmation. Is it the first time you are following E-learning? Then you will receive an email with a link to the platform to create an account. Have you followed E-learning before? Then you can login to where you can see the purchased E-learning in your overview.

Problems with login

If you have problems logging into your account, check the link you are using. Use


You will have access to the E-learning via your account for one month, starting from the moment you purchased the E-learning.

Additional learning material

The E-learning consists of articles, questions, goal setting and recording. It may happen that certain contents are not downloadable. This is unfortunately due to agreements made with speakers.

Site and communication

Why is (part of) the correspondence in English?

Why is (part of) the correspondence in English? In order to keep the administration up to date and provide all our participants with our services, we work together with an English company. They partly take care of sending (automated) mails. A share of these is translated to Dutch, however for the other share that is not an option. This is how mails are created in English. If you have any questions about the content of the mails you receive, please let us know!